Information and useful links for new dads

recommends the following resources. They are all publicly available and have the potential to be useful to fathers. Some information from the resources may be challenging, unconventional, or may not fit your situation. SMS4dads encourages you to bear this in mind when accessing the recommended sites and to seek clarification from health professionals if necessary.

Some YouTube clips you may enjoy...

(Particularly the communication ones)
Fatherhood: it's the best job on the planet | Hockey & Dancing
Fatherhood: it's the best job on the planet | Robot & Monster
Lullaby by Tim Minchin
Tim Minchen becomes a bit unhinged when singing a song about trying to settle his baby. Careful – this one may offend some has an important message about how difficult this business can be
Daddy Skills - Music Video [parent rap, daddy rap]
Baby Talk An infant communicating with dad. (Only a month or 2 old)
Communication between baby and me
Early Communication | Talking with your baby


The Dad Factor by Richard Fletcher (2011) Finch Publications
This book is highly recommended. It is well researched and well written
Reading Magic by Mem Fox
Teaches us why we read to kids and how to do it
Right From the Start – SA reading book
Raising Boys by Stephen Biddulph
For fathers and mothers – so much in such a small book
So Your Going to be a Dad by Peter Downey
Funny, easy to read and informative
Becoming a Father by William Sears
Beginning Fatherhood by Warwick Pudney and Judy Cottrell
The New First Three Years of Life by Burton L White
Great parenting skills
The role of the father in child development
(Fifth Edition 2010) by Michael E Lamb
This is more for the academic but it is the
foundation work and it is very informative


Getting to Know You
Recognising Infant Communication and Social Interaction
Available from local libraries and also the NSW Institute of Psychiatry
Fatherhood by Steve Martin
A great take on the journey of parenthood

By Warren Cann director of Parenting Research Centre in Victoria
This blog covers parenting related issues from a fathering angle.
The information is provided in bite size chunks to suito busy guys who
are not usually big consumers of parenting information and books
A well organised blogsite from the fatherhood institute in the US.
You can look for blogs on the things that are interesting you at the time
eg Dealing with bullying
The ARACY Fatherhood Research Network has a blog covering
research news on fathers and fatherhood

Great resource about introducing pets to kids, pet selection etc.
There is also a short film associated with this website.